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D&B The Mobility Group provides parking peace of mind

Whether the problem is overcrowded car parks, underutilized parking spaces or the logistics around EV charging stations, D&B The Mobility Group has the answer. They help companies solve these and other challenges. Stephan Hannema, General Manager of D&B Mobility Group, explains how they work.

D&B The Mobility Group - Charge & Ride

In a city where space is scarce, efficient use of parking facilities is especially important. D&B The Mobility Group offers a range of solutions to get the most out of available parking space. From ways to maximize a car park’s square footage to selling spaces that would otherwise sit empty. D&B The Mobility Group offers clients a complete package, not only providing ideas for the most suitable solution but also supporting companies to put it into place.

Making space

Among D&B The Mobility Group clients is Schiphol Airport, where they are in charge of the official valet parking service. To accommodate as many cars as possible, they introduced block parking. This involves parking cars front to back in rows instead of in the usual parking bays. “This gives you space for more cars in the same-sized space”, Hannema explains. “Cars are parked based on date of return. And, because we take the car keys, we can move cars if needed.” Block parking is a proven method not only at Schiphol Airport, but also works well at smaller car parks such as Q-Park The Bank in Amsterdam.

Profitable parking

Where one car park has too little space, others have more than they can fill. Particularly now with workers no longer

automatically coming to the office every day, more car parks are being underutilized. D&B The Mobility Group helps their clients fill those empty spaces. “If there are certain times and days in the week that companies have a lot of unused parking space, we can arrange a flexible lease for them”, Hannema continues. “That way, they can make the most of the parking spaces at their disposal. It also curbs costs, making it a profitable proposition for companies.”

Charge & Ride service by D&B

Sustainability challenges

As well as driver services and valet parking, D&B The Mobility Group also helps companies tackle sustainability issues. More and more companies have set themselves sustainability targets that include the ambition to fully electrify their vehicle fleets by 2025. “This poses practical challenges as many of them don’t have enough charging facilities yet for all of those vehicles”, Hannema says, speaking from experience. In response, D&B The Mobility Group came up with Charge & Ride. This is a service that takes care of switching cars at charging stations as soon as the batteries are fully recharged. “That lets companies make the most efficient use of the facilities they have and can boost their charging capacity by as much as 400 per cent.”

Charge & Ride employee

Outsourcing the EV charging process to D&B The Mobility Group often also helps save costs. “It’s cheaper to charge lease cars on your office premises than at municipal charging points”, Hannema notes. “If you can save 20 to 40 eurocents per kilowatt hour on a fleet of a thousand cars, that quickly adds up, also recouping what you pay for our services.”

Besides costs, Charge & Ride also reduces employee frustration. “In the old situation, the employee who arrived

first got to plug their car into the charging station, often leaving it till well into the afternoon, while other people at the office needed to charge their cars, too. With this service, we fix that.”

This article is published earlier in Hello Zuidas.

Over D&B The Mobility Group:

D&B The Mobility Group is gevestigd in Amstelveen. Als aanbieder van mobiliteitsdiensten verzorgt D&B al meer dan 25 jaar onder andere chauffeursdiensten in de vorm van een studentchauffeur / privé chauffeur, valet parking service, shuttle services, parkeerbegeleiding en verkeersregelaars. Regelmatig neemt D&B alle mobiliteit rondom een evenement of project van A tot Z volledig uit handen.


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