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Enhanced productivity while travelling by car

Private Driver - D&B The Mobility Group

Today the Zuidas district is one of the most accessible business areas in the Netherlands. But the greater Amsterdam area is growing fast, and with Zuidasdok soon to unleash the largest development project ever in Zuidas, access to some 700 companies in the area will be compromised, especially for motorists. Gridlock and parking problems may become major sources of frustration. So why not turn travelling time into working time?

Constantly on the go

We are living in an age in which our lives are becoming ever busier. On top of that, we are constantly on the go. Time has become increasingly scarce and we all have a growing desire for convenience. Now that our cities are getting congested, fast travel is turning into a challenge. This is especially true in Zuidas. Some large companies are trying to cope by uniting to come up with smart alternatives to the widespread use of cars and car-leasing in the region. Understandable as this may be, for many people public transportation is not a real alternative. Car sharing or parking further away and continuing to Zuidas by shuttle tend to add travel time. And flexible work arrangements only solve part of the problem.

Private Driver - D&B The Mobility Group

How about using a private driver?

Why not turn your travelling time into working time? The time we spend in our cars is largely spent getting from one place to another. If getting to or from work takes even longer due to traffic jams and hunting for a parking space, more private and business time is lost in the process. And since the autonomous car is still a decade away, why not opt for a private driver instead?

Why not turn travelling time into working time?

Finish up a project, reply to emails, read through reports, return phone calls or write your pleading. Check over your kid’s schoolwork, read a book, or simply relax and enjoy the ride. Especially for the many fee-earners at Zuidas, this should be a no-brainer. By using a private driver, your working time starts the moment you step into the backseat of your own car. There is no time lost searching for a parking spot, and you get dropped off right in front of your office.

This article was first published in Hello Zuidas Magazine issue of May/June 2018:

Over D&B The Mobility Group:

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